Good news: ‘Alala releases to the wild planned


The ‘Alala, or Hawaiian crow, is on the verge of extinction, with the last sighting in the wild in 2002. A captive breeding program has been underway for decades, but the last attempted release in the 1990s was unsuccessful. The program will be trying releases again over the next five years, hoping for more success by releasing the birds into fenced areas.

Deep Green Resistance works for land restoration and protection. We’re very excited about the possibility of bringing these bird backs to the wild, where once again they can fulfill their traditional responsibilities to the rest of their community as seed dispersers and omnivorous foragers.

Wherever you live, many species are in peril…but there are also efforts to protect them. We urge you to get involved however you can.

Listen to a medley of ‘Alala calls courtesy of Wikipedia:

Read more about the planned introductions.

One thought on “Good news: ‘Alala releases to the wild planned

  1. rollin frost

    the raven is a domestic pet that lived in hawaiian homes for over a thousand years…not a wild bird to be thrown into a forest to make do.. the smartist bird in the world, tamed by hawaiians for housepets. IT IS FOLLY TO TRY AND GET WILD COLONIES STARTED. this is wrong. put them in homes, zoos, hotels, with people. yes, ricebowls for biologists here…stop these
    “releases”….it’s really throwing these sensitive birds out of their homes, into hostile environments. shame on these ignorant “scientists”.


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